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JA-60F Tastatura Wireless



The JA-60F is an optional wireless keypad for the JA-60 or JA-65 series wireless control panel. It can operate the system in exactly the same way as the built-in keypad on the control panel and as the hard wired bus system keypad, JA-60E. The LED indicators, display and built-in buzzer indicate the alarm system's status.
Multiple keypads and RC-11 remote controllers can be used with a control panel (max. 8 totally). The keypad has a built in tamper sensor and it
also checks the number of attempts to enter an access code (5 unsuccessful attempts will trigger a tamper alarm).
The keypad makes regular auto testing and reports its conditions regularly to the system for full supervision.
The JA-60F keypad can be used for control panel programming as well. Being wireless, it can help an installer to monitor the system functions when performing a "walk" test.